Above ground pool

Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are many different types, sizes and shapes of garden pools or pools for your garden. The choice of the right garden pool depends on the desired purpose, the budget and the available space in your garden.

Basically you have the choice between above-ground pools (above-ground or prefabricated pools) or partially or fully sunk pools (prefabricated pools).

Set-up pools for garden pools are available in many different materials (e.g. wood, plastic), shapes and sizes. The above-ground pool is placed on a flat surface. Some variants of the above-ground pools can be dismantled at the end of the swimming season to prevent corrosion due to frost and weather. If you choose a high-quality and winter proof material for the above-ground garden pools, they can also be installed all year round. Set-up pools are available in different price ranges depending on material, size and desired extras.

Should you decide to have a permanently installed pool for your garden pool, the following shapes are available. With some of them you have the choice of installing them above ground, partially or fully recessed.

A round pool is the simplest and a very common pool shape in the USA. Relatively quickly installed, the round pool can be above ground (up to max. 120 cm depth), partially sunk or fully sunk.

Basically we always recommend a concrete base plate. Further equipment options, such as lighting, counter current system and floor drain can also be selected for this pool form. Round pools are available in diameters from 300 cm – 1000 cm. Intermediate sizes can also be produced without any problems and at short notice.

Oval basins are always sunk into the ground and require a concrete base plate and 2 retaining walls. Additional equipment is of course also possible. Pool curbstones, counter-current system, lighting in halogen or LED design upgrade the pool. Depending on the size of the pool, two or three surface extractors (skimmers) and up to six inlet nozzles are installed.

Eight-form pools have been proven for over 30 years. Here, too, the recessed mounting on a base plate is recommended. Due to the support construction included in the delivery, the construction of retaining walls is not necessary. An eight-mould basin can be mounted partially recessed. However, this is not the ideal solution from an optical point of view, as the steel supports are visible. If a partially recessed installation is still desired, the steel supports can be covered. Additional equipment options are also available for this pool. When choosing an eight-form pool, it should be considered that the shape of the pool may make it a little difficult to cover the pool.

The rectangular pool is the classic among swimming pools. It is always built recessed on a concrete slab. The polystyrene walls provide very good insulation and are filled with concrete. Rectangular pools can of course also be equipped with a variety of accessories depending on your wishes and budget, including stairs, a roller shutter cover or even a fully automatic dosing system.

In our store you will find pre-configured complete packages, so-called basin sets, in which all important installation parts, such as filter system and additional equipment are already arranged for you.

You can choose between round or oval steel wall basins and rectangular polystyrene basins. Depending on the equipment variant, all basins are equipped with the required built-in parts, sufficiently dimensioned filter system and additional accessories. We will be happy to advise you here by phone or email.

The optimal heat insulation of your pool is important. Basically we recommend a floor insulation for all steel wall pools and for partially or fully sunk pools an additional wall insulation. The pool loses heat via the water surface as well as via the pool walls and the pool bottom. This can be prevented as far as possible by the pool megastore insulation. The panels consist of extruded polystyrene and should not be confused with conventional polystyrene or styrodur. 

They are highly pressure-resistant and measure 150 x 60 cm. Our insulation sets are delivered in suitable quantities for the corresponding pool.

The underlay fleece should not be missing on any pool. On the one hand, it provides mechanical protection for the swimming pool liner and on the other hand, it prevents chemical reactions between the substrate and the swimming pool liner. The underlay fleece is placed under the swimming pool liner and protects it from damage. This way the life span of the foil is extended by the underlay fleece.